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The Ultimate Guide To Picking Your Perfect Drone In 2017

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Picking Your Perfect Drone In 2017”

  1. Kelly says:

    What would be the best RC headless, decent flight time, hover,night flyer, ok camera, some up/down and left /right side to side and back.
    Just wanting a inexpensive but very fun drone to fly nights over my pastures and above my orchard.

    1. CJ From ImproDrone says:

      I’m not sure your skill level but if you want a decent cheap drone great for most people, then I would go with the SYMA X5C –

      However, you should use our Drone Picker Tool to help find a drone which is a better fit for you! All you need to do is click an answer to a couple of questions and it will choose a drone which should be good for you! Here’s the link –

  2. Kelly says:

    I have plenty of personal property to fly over.can’t spend a whole lot. Rather learn on a inexpensive one

    1. CJ From ImproDrone says:

      That’s awesome! Check out my reply to your other comment to help find the perfect drone for you!

  3. Jaime Garcia says:

    I purchased an idea fly mars 350 quad and was wondering if you know where I could buy extra parts I damaged the body on drone or maybe if a different company body fit my quad any info I will appreciated

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